Queers At Play

Season 2 Episode 7: Activision Blizzard controversies and Valve Steam Deck featuring NintenDori1988

July 31, 2021

A week late but still sounding great, Marc and Reuben are joined by co-host Kory (NintenDori1988) as they discuss the latest Activision Blizzard controversies, the recent EA Play 2021 presentation and we share our thoughts on Valve's new handheld console the Steam Deck.  Plus as usual we dive into our Simply The Guest feature to learn a little bit more about Kory.

Please be warned some listeners may find the topics discussed around the Activision Blizzard segment distressing or upsetting so please feel free to skip this section of the episode (roughly 52:00 - 1:13:30).

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